There is more startup advice sources these days than there are viable startups that scale to size. Many of the failed entrepreneur’s are the very ones making their next play with startup advice. Sigh. You’ve been warned. But to fail to find external sources of information, is to fail to relate to your environment. Which equals death for anything that hopes to live: from organic cells to startup companies.

Finding really useful sources of information though? That’s the hard part for time poor entrepreneurs. So here’s a couple of related and useful links well worth following from the Startup Genome:

  • The Rise of Startup Ecosystems – The candy, that’s not so useful, but gives you a sense of the approach and outputs they’re creating.
  • Startup Genome Report: Premature Scaling – A free and academic styled report that is well worth skimming closely over pages 6-9. The rest just repeats and proves the message (if you need that kind of thud factor in your learning)
  • Startup Compass – “Benchmark your Startup’s KPIs against more than 10,000 Internet Startups -Allocate Resources, Diagnose Problems, Align your Team & Measure Progress”  Need I say more?

Like graphics more than apps and text?  Well check out this little one about the location of startups completing the “Startup Compass” – Where does Australia rank on this?  Sydney 21, Melbourne 22, globally (see the Ecosystems link above for more detail).


Startup Compass - Locations of Respondents

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