According to certain estimates, the quantity of textual information available on the internet through search engines is about 40 times larger than the digitized contents of the books in the Library of Congress (the world’s largest library). Providing access to so much information itself is a challenging task, yet search engines work amazingly well at sifting through content and spewing out relevant results. Therefore, even before you actually start optimising your website, you must first know how search engines work. Expert SEO services are already aware of the working as well as the various factors that govern search engine results, and are adept at manipulating your site to make it more visible and generate greater traffic.

SEO Services: How Search Engines Work

Here we will discuss the three basic elements of search engines to gain a better understanding of how search engines work.

  • Crawling: Search engines use software programs known as spiders to crawl web pages and websites. These spiders crawl all over the website pageSEO-spiders by page, taking into account the links and quality of the content on each page. The more your website is spider friendly, the better it is for your website. If the spider program doesn’t find your web pages (because there are no links), your website will not be indexed. SEO services can help you design, optimise and make your website more crawler friendly so that your website doesn’t miss out on being indexed. Also, spiders crawl websites a number of times looking for updates, changes and fresh content, so you can keep tweaking your website to improve rankings.
  • Indexing: This process deals with maintaining a huge labeled database of sites, web pages, videos, images, words/phrases, etc. Whenever someone types in a particular key phrase or keyword, the search engine checks its database for the most relevant websites and web pages and brings up the results on the search engine results page.
  • Ranking: Depending on the results obtained from the spiders, search engines get an idea of how valuable the content on your website is. Search engines will track things such as the number of incoming and outgoing links from the site, the age of the site, the level of activity on the web pages and the web traffic to determine the website’s rank. Some other important factors that are scrutinized to determine ranking are keyword/phrase usage, page titles, page tags and domain name.

Search engines employ the above processes in a combination to return the most relevant pages corresponding to the particular keyword or key phrase.

SEO Services: Factors Affecting Search Engine Rankings

Here is a list, compiled by experts in the field of SEO services, of the most important factors that influence a website’s search engine ranking.

  • Keyword Usage in Title Tag: If you could make only one change to optimise a website, your best bet would be to plant the keywordsHow-Search-Engines-Work-1 or phrases in the title tag. However, remember to optimise the web pages individually while not overstuffing it with keywords. The title tags should be different for each page and must use the keyword in such a manner that it reflects the content on that page.
  • Keyword Usage in Body Text: If your key phrase or keyword is not mentioned even once in the main body, it would make it seem that your page does not have any valuable or relevant content. There is no magic number regarding keyword density, you just need to keep your content relevant to the keyword. If you make sense to the reader, you will make sense to the search engine spiders too.
  • Keyword Usage in H1 Tag: This is considered to be one of the most important factors, which affect search engine results. Using the keyword or key phrase in the H1 tag enables the spiders to pick the content up faster for the relevant keywords.

These are just a few of the most important factors that affect search engine rankings. SEO services can help you tweak these factors to your advantage and send your search engine rank soaring to the top.  Contact Us to source high quality SEO services using ethical techniques to push up your website’s ranking as well as boost your internet presence.

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