Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing (SMM) leverages sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Google+ amongst a myriad of others to build trust in your brand and leverage social networks to extend that trust into relationship with others (ie new customers!). 

You’ll need this if:

  • You’ve got the bandwidth to manage your social media channels as well as your other business. Suffice to say it’s a really good idea in today’s market
  • You are concerned about managing your brand through social media channels
  • Or you have a LinkedIn, Facebook, Youtube or Twitter account and are not sure if you’re getting the best value from it

You won’t need this if:

  • You don’t have or don’t want a social networking accounts attracting more customers for your business
  • Your customers don’t, or are unlikely to have, an account on a social media site (i.e. you’re selling to the increasingly smaller % of over 60yo’s that aren’t online)
  • Or you’re selling something illegal. Probably not a good idea to draw attention to yourself