Multi-Site Advertising

Multi-Site Advertising (MSA) is when text and/or image advertisements are placed on other websites.  While Search Engine Marketing focuses primarily on getting text adds included in search engine results, Multi-Site Advertising allows you to get image advertisements displayed on highly popular websites where your target audience regularly visit.  Let’s face it, yes people use search engines, but once they’ve found what they’re looking for they visit websites directly.  With Multi-Site Advertising you ensure you reach a wider audience, more directly, and faster, with a richer message: remember, a picture is worth a thousands words.

You’ll need this if:

  • You want to aggressively advertise to attract new sales leads from more if the internet than search engines
  • You want to specifically target users of high trafficked websites, such as a local news portal in your area
  • Or you want the power of image based advertisements over simple text adds used in SEM

You won’t need this if:

  • You have a limited budget to attract new sales leads
  • You’re getting more than enough business from your organic SEO and paid SEM
  • Or you have some kind of philosophical barrier to advertising (why are you in business then?)

Greenfields can help design your advertisements and then craft the strategy and manage the buying and monitoring of results for your Multi-Site Advertising.  Get in touch if you’d like to explore how image based advertising can benefit your business’s bottom line.