Mobile Advertising

Mobile Advertising is an extension of Search Engine Marketing and Multi-Site Advertising.  In one sense it is no different to either of these forms of online or digital advertising, but in practice it is.  Both search engines and websites are aware of what type of device is being used to view their content –  whether it be a desktop computer or phone or tablet for example – and they tailor their content appropriately to fit the format it is viewed in.  Beyond that there are specific programs, eg mobile ‘apps’, that also incorporate advertising into their content delivery. Mobile Advertising is also beginning to include extra features not found in traditional SEM and MSA, such as hyper-local targeting of delivery or context aware advertising. More precision in advertising delivery means greater potential Return on Investment for your business.

You’ll need this if:

  • Your customers use mobile devices to search the internet or visit websites you want to reach them through
  • Your customers use mobile apps and you’d like to reach them there too
  • Or your business could greatly benefit from hyper localised or more precisely targeting advertising generating sales leads

You won’t need this if:

  • Your customers don’t use mobile devices like smart phones and tablet computers
  • Or you have more business than you can handle already and more advertising will mean more customers you can’t service adequately (seriously? Then change your business model! Or sell it to Greenfields Partners! If you need help, contact us!)