Surveying your customers – and potential and past customers – is a fundamental part of the marketing process. If you don’t know who your customers are, their likes, dislikes and demographic information, or why they’re not buying from you (yet, more or any more) then you won’t know how to best connect with them nor how to improve your offering to them. 

Online surveys are a godsend for your marketing strategy and tactics development.  You can easily create a wide range of surveys, delivered to targeted groups of contacts at different touch points with you company, and automatically collect and analyse the results.

You need this if:

  • You need to learn about or get information from a wide number of contacts you have, such as customers, ex-customers, potential customers, partners, suppliers, employees and more

You won’t need this if:

  • You want to communicate without having any idea who you are really talking to!

Of course, surveys can be conducted for a wide range of reasons, and be anything from simple one question data points through to multi-factored, multi-pathway designs that deliver incredibly granular results.  Greenfields can help you get set up with the right kind of online survey tool and guide you through the process end-to-end, or even manage it all for you, delivering valuable intelligence to you without any of the hassle.  Get in touch to find out more.