Feedback & Support

One of the most costly secondary services many businesses provide to their customers is technical support.  Answering the same question again and again, or receiving questions you’ve never prepared an answer for, can be very challenging.  One of the benefits of growing your business online is the culture of people who buy online: they’re more willing and motivated to find the answer themselves, in text format rather than calling you directly, or if they’ve found an answer to share it with others.

Used in combination with a formal Helpdesk service, online community support forums allows you to lower the costs of support services, while drawing on your customer’s passion for your products and the value of public recognition, to broaden the scope and depth of the support answers easily available to all customers.

Beyond community support, you can collect feedback and have the community contribute to collating and prioritising it to help deliver actionable intelligence to inform your business decisions.

You need this if:

  • You sell a product online that requires customer support or you want to use online tools to more efficiently poll your customers for input on products and services
  • And you’d like to lower your support costs for providing support and/or collecting customer input (bugs, suggestions, etc)

You won’t need this if:

  • Saving money, getting customers to support customers, and collecting uniquely valuable strategic intelligence about your products and services doesn’t sound like a good idea to you

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