Community Management

The online world is also increasingly a social one.  Standard public relations terms about ‘having a conversation with your market’ – your customers, suppliers, partners – is now common place and an essential dimension to Online Marketing that serves to attract and keep your customers. 

The social conversation is expected by customers: they’re now used to instant communications that go beyond one-to-one interaction and into online community settings.  There are big risks for businesses entering these conversations without being prepared. But the risk of not joining the conversation in the first place is even larger: your brand could be trashed without response, and you could no longer have a business at all!

Community Management is about selecting the right tools and protocols (and if wanted skilled human resources!) for entering into, responding to and where relevant moderating the social conversation between your business and your market.  Like in all social settings there are risks of offending your audience, even accidentally or by not moderating what others are saying in the corners of the internet where your brand is present.  That’s where you need a professional approach. Get in touch to find out how Greenfields can help deliver the support you need with online communities of your customers.

You need this if:

  • You have a blog or discussion forum on your website
  • You have social media accounts
  • Or customers have started accounts in your name at feedback / review sites (yes they can and will do this!).

You won’t need this if:

  • You don’t want foster better conversations with your customers – reaching them where they are, and how they want o be communicated with
  • Or you don’t have any online presence, and don’t care what anyone says about your business online (which means you’re looking to exit the business soon, right?)