Social Media

Getting your Social Media Marketing set-up is one thing  – creating accounts, designing the look, integrating web apps into your Facebook page – but then you have to actually use it!  Which can take time.  In addition to our Community Management services, Greenfields can also get the conversation started and keep it going though your social media channels by creating and publishing original, engaging and relevant content based on a strategic approach to achieving your business engagement goals.

You’ll need this if:

  • You’ve got your social media accounts set up but now don’t know what to say or don’t have time to say it
  • Or you’ve run out of great ideas to engage your community of followers with

You won’t need this if:

  • You’re managing your social media channels in house, because hearing straight from the horses mouth is the only way to engage in a conversation with your customers in your opinion (good on you!)
  • You don’t have and don’t want social media Marketing (um,why not?  Seriously, talk to us about the benefits for your business)

Get in touch if you’re interested to know more about how Greenfields can make your Social Media Marketing really work for your business.