Audio / Visual Media

Podcasts, flash animations, viral videos, product video tours, professional photography …. the internet is far more than static words on a page. 

Online Marketing and Online Advertising now regularly use audio and visual media to enhance the written content distributed via their website, blogs and Social Media Marketing.   Let’s face it, most people would rather be entertained while they’re informed, and it is a lot easier to listen and watch than it is to read.  The majority of website visits can be like driving by a library… unless there is something to capture the attention, and easily keep it, people won’t get past the outside to read anything you’ve written

Greenifelds can help envision, script and produce your audio/visual master pieces – be they original photography, short animations, radio spots or feature length documentaries.

You’ll need this if:

  • You really want to make an impression, and capture the interest of your audience
  • You’ve got difficult concepts to communicate that are best done with the touch of a human voice and the power of images

You won’t need this if:

  • Well you might still need it, but it can be expensive and hard to justify the expense.  But the increased sales form building your brand recognition – that can be priceless ROI.

Get in touch to explore your creative ideas and how we can help bring them be fully realised.