Most digital agencies hand you the keys to your new online real estate and send you on your way.  So you might be wondering what’s this whole section on maintaining your online presence all about? Well designing and building your online presence is like all short-run projects.  It has a beginning, middle and an end. But once it is built, the real job begins: feeding it original and relevant content, managing changing security risks and software updates, and making sure the online conversations your brand is in actually have a voice that promotes the brand’s best interests. 

Sounds technical and time-consuming doesn’t it?  Well, it is.  But not to fear, Greenfields has a range of services we can tailor to suit your business needs to ensure you stay online and up-to-date and get just the right amount of business intelligence to inform your decisions about how to continue growing and succeeding online.  Here are some of them:

Follow the links above to learn more about each service we offer, or simply get in touch if you’d like us to advise on how to best maintain your business online.