Terms & Conditions

By purchasing services and/or products form Greenfields Toolbox you are agreeing to the following terms and conditions.  Please note specific third-party provided services and products come with additional terms and conditions that you should be aware of.  When relevant Greenifelds will endeavour to ensure you are aware of these third party terms and conditions and that they form part of any provision and access rules governing your right to use the service and/or request refunds.

General Terms & Conditions

  1. ORDERS – Upon receipt of a completed order form and cleared deposit payment Greenfields Toolbox will commence purchasing products and services on your behalf and provide, if appropriate at Greenfields discretion, an Invoice/Receipt via your contact details provided and/or online for online only service subscriptions.
  2. CLIENT INPUT – Greenfields Toolbox usually requires inputs from Customers to enable the commencement, development and delivery of the services.  Failure to provide input within 20 business days may result in order cancellation.
  3. PAYMENTS – Full payment is required before delivery of services is completed and access/management controls are provided to the Customer.  Failure to provide full payment within 30 days of invoice will result in project cancellation and discontinuation of any service access.
  4. REFUNDS & CANCELLATIONS – If an order or project is cancelled for any reason at any stage a refund of monies paid minus the funds already committed to third party service purchase or suppliers and a $100 administration fee will be provided.  For cancellations or non-payment Greenfields Toolbox retains all IP rights to works of any kind created or items purchased (eg such as domain names).
  5. COPYRIGHT – The Customer unconditionally guarantees that any content or design elements provided by them are owned or licensed by the Client.
  6. ATTRIBUTION – Customer agrees that they grant Greenfields Toolbox the right to include a specified attribution link at the footer of any online website  purchased via Greenfields Toolbox, to include copies of any artwork created in their portfolio of works (including a written profile of the service provision to the Customer) and to directly link back to the Customer’s site.
  7. LIABILITY – Greenfields Toolbox including all officers, agents, partners and assigns, excludes, to the full extent legally allowed, any and all implied conditions and warranties, together with any liability for any loss or damage, direct or indirect, suffered by the customer or third parties including special, indirect, consequential damage or loss arising from the delivery and/or operation and/or non-delivery and/or non-operation of the Customer’s purchased services.  All care will be taken.
  8. TAX INFORMATION – Please be advised Greenfields Toolbox is a registered trading name of Coverden Pty Ltd ACN 078 471 495, ABN 96 065 388 596, trading as Greenfields Toolbox VIC BN: B2330017G.

Master Terms of Business

In addition to the General Terms & Conditions directly applicable to Greenfields Toolbox provision of services and goods, by engaging Greenfields Toolbox you are also subject to the Master Terms of Business of the Greenifelds Companies. You can download a copy of the Greenfields – Master Terms of Business 2012 here.