marketing toolsOnline surveys and market research can prove to be one of the most subtle yet powerful and effective internet marketing tools. In the world of internet marketing and business, an untested idea is considered a bad idea. Before you spend millions on developing, manufacturing and marketing a product, you must first figure out, whether the market is ready to accept it and whether this is what the customer needs. Online surveys provide a quick and cost effective way to gain this valuable insight and act accordingly to boost their brand management and internet marketing efforts. Armed with the survey results companies can then customise their products, services and internet marketing strategies to attract more customers. Here in this article we will take a close look at the different types of online surveys you can use to boost your online marketing results.

Internet Marketing: Online Survey Options

Here are some of the major types of online surveys used by businesses and companies today to improve their internet marketing and brand management efforts.

  • Online Focus Groups: Focus groups make use of qualitative research methodology to help gather data on usability and acceptability of new or relaunched services or products, reactions to advertisements and consumer perceptions. The underlying principle for using focus groups as an online survey to enhance internet marketing efforts is that such focus groups facilitate dynamic conversations which is necessary to gain insight about how a new idea or product will fare in the market. In this type of online market research, pre-screened respondents are invited by a moderator at a prearranged time. The respondents are often offered incentives for participating. The discussion is guided by the moderator using pre-determined questions to help bring out the respondents’ opinions. Another benefit of online focus groups is that travel costs associated with face to face focus groups are also significantly reduced.
  • Product Development Surveys: When developing a new product, whether it is a new soft drink or an automobile, you will want to make sure that it is a success. Online product development surveys can help companies survey their target population, find out their opinion and adjust their product development, internet marketing and brand management efforts accordingly. Generally online product development surveys are concerned with concept testing, branding, product positioning and pricing to boost your sales and marketing efforts.
  • Customer Satisfaction Surveys: Online customer satisfaction surveys as part of your internet marketing and brand management efforts help to gauge the level of satisfaction customers feel about a particular company and its services or products and whether their expectations have been met. There are basically two different approaches to customer satisfaction surveys. They include, post purchase surveys and periodic satisfaction surveys. Post purchase surveys are those where satisfaction feedback is gained from individual consumers at the time of service or product delivery. In case of periodic satisfaction surveys, feedback is obtained from groups of consumers at regular periodic intervals to gauge customer expectation and experiences.

Now that you are aware of the major types of online surveys, you can make an informed decision regarding the type of survey. If you are planning to use online surveys as part of your internet marketing and brand management campaign, make sure you contact us. The Toolbox can provide you low cost, high quality and strategically relevant services necessary for the success of any online business.

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