More and more brands are turning to crowdsourcing and using it as an internet marketing tool. This is especially the case with social media, which has made it easier to connect with people and want to take a part in shaping their favourite brands. If you are one of the many companies planning to venture into crowdsourcing to augment your internet marketing efforts, research would have shown you that for successful crowdsourcing, a number of different things must be taken into consideration. To ensure the success of crowdsourcing, as part of your sales and marketing campaign, you must also make sure you are aware of the various crowdsourcing mistakes that can ruin your internet marketing efforts. In this article, we will look at some of the most common crowdsourcing mistakes to help you steer clear of them and maximise the benefits of crowdsourcing as one of the most effective marketing tools.

Internet Marketing: Crowdsourcing Mistakes You Should AvoidHere are some of the most common crowdsourcing mistakes you should avoid while planning your sales and marketing campaign.

  • Focusing on costs, not results: Rather than focusing on achieving the desired results, people and companies more often than not focus on saving on costs. Sure, saving money makes perfect sense in times of constrained budgets; however, if these savings sabotage your crowdsourcing and internet marketing success, then it is definitely not worth it.
  • Assuming crowdsource recruitment is easy: Crowdsourcing will not reap any benefits for your internet marketing efforts without the right crowd. Attracting your stakeholders, (i.e. your customers, partners, employees and the general public) and getting them to participate is the key here. The crowd does not need to be huge to boost your sales and marketing efforts; many internet marketing initiatives have proved to be highly successful even with only a few hundred members. If you are planning to use crowdsourcing for the first time, it is advisable that you work with people who have experience in crowd recruitment.
  • Ignore daily moderation: Crowd moderation is an essential component of successful crowdsourcing. Many a times, companies see a great start, only to lose their momentum because they assigned the job of daily moderation to someone who had no prior experience. As a result, essential moderation steps like answering questions, prompting discussions and sending periodic updates to participating members to keep them informed does not happen. So, members come once, but they do not come back again. Having an experienced moderator can prove to be the difference between adding momentum to your internet marketing campaign and losing it.
  • Choosing the wrong crowdsourcing topic: When it comes to crowdsourcing, companies quite often pick a task that has had their experts confused for years or needs specific expertise that only a few people possess. Of course you want to use crowdsourcing to address those issues; however, your initial goal should be such that it is easy for a large number of people to participate. Pick a task or topic where almost anyone working in your company, key stakeholders or your customers can easily participate. Such topics would include ideas for a new product or enhancing an existing product; anything that would make others want to participate and add value.

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