There is more to search engine optimisation than just planting keywords in the appropriate places. With technology advancing every day, SEO services areSEO-image-1 constantly formulating better optimisation and internet marketing techniques.  One such technological breakthrough was the advent of social networking sites. These social networking sites (such as Facebook and Twitter) have millions of user accounts and have surpassed even search engines when it comes to the traffic generated. This is why you must incorporate social networking sites as a web marketing tool in your search engine optimisation initiative.

social networking siteSEO director at Guava (a search engine marketing company), Teddie Cowell, says “There is a very strong relationship between search engine marketing and social media. Anything that raises awareness of a brand or particular website, such that it encourages people to search specifically for the brand or website, or increases the probability that a searcher might select that brand or particular website over another within a search engine results page (SERP), is always good for search engine marketing.

Search Engine Optimisation: How Social Networks Help SEO

One of the major reasons why social networking sites can be used for search engine optimisation is that social networks have a dramatic impact on search engine results page (SERPs).Here we will discuss some of the most effective ways of using social networking sites for SEO purposes.

  • Get Relevant, High Quality, Inbound Links: A successful social network marketing campaign can lead to hundreds of new inbound links. Inbound links are one of the best ways to influence your website’s SERP rankings. The best part is that a majority of the links (if not all) which come in through social networks are natural; they are not bought, solicited or reciprocated.
  • Rank Web Pages on Social Networking Sites: If you are having trouble boosting the rank of your page on search engines. Try ranking your web pages on social networking sites. These websites are held in great esteem by search engines. Upload videos on YouTube, create a profile on MySpace and build good links.
  • Reputation Management with Social Networking Websites: Get people to notice and talk positively about your website or company onfacebook
    MySpace, Digg, StumbleUpon,YouTube, Facebook and Twitter, or regionally focussed sites with strong SEO like The RiotACT. This will help your site get good references and listings, which show up among the top on the search engine results page. However, you need to be careful, as it is quite easy for people to tarnish your image using social networks, & its worth checking out our post on dealing with negative feedback if you’re concerned. Remember that negative feedback can be a great PR opportunity.
  • Interact with Customers via Social Networks: Connect and interact with your customers through social networks. Ask your customers for feedback, suggestions and comments regarding your products or services. What makes this approach more effective is the number of people who are likely to participate on these social networking sites rather than on other websites. As an aside, once you start communicating with your customers in this way you start to move from selling to trusted advisor.

social networkingSearch engine optimisation armed with social networking websites can work wonders for your SEO campaign. If you are looking for an effective search engine optimisation service, contact us. We can help you formulate effective SEO strategies combined with social network marketing to help you boost your SERP rankings as well as your internet visibility.

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