Web Applications

Web Applications, or simply ‘apps,’ are the newest kid on the block in digital communications and service delivery. If you don’t know what they are, or why you might need one, get in touch and we can explore if a custom web app is likely to be worth the investment for your business. 

If you know you need one, but not sure how to get it designed, developed and deployed, also get in touch and we’ll get into the details with you of how to create your vision for mobile engagement with your customers, new or old. 

Web Applications, often simply Mobile Applications, deliver software like functionality to users on mobile devices. They’re often supported by a website,which can be a replication of the mobile app, or simply a sales page for the app.  Behind the scenes they often require significant server resources to power their often database intensive and/or computational heavy and/or interactive functionality. End-to-end Greenifelds is here to help.