Not all hosting is created equal. Greenfields offers a carefully selected range of hosting types and packages to serve the unique needs of different businesses.  Our hosting packages are a great price for the value provided.  Getting the right type of hosting and ensuring it is able to reliably deliver for your business today and tomorrow can either make or break your online presence.

Greenfields hosting packages are offered for three main types of hosting:

  • Shared Hosting – suitable for sites with lower daily visitors (eg less than 1000 unique visitors daily) that don’t require intensive database requests (ie providing lots of data dynamically for your visitors).
  • VPS Hosting – suitable for small sites through to large sites that have up to moderate daily visitor numbers (eg up to 10,000 unique visitors daily) and need to ensure they can deliver dynamic data to each visitor.
  • Dedicated Hosting – suitable for larger sites with high daily visitor numbers where the amount of data and speed of its delivery are critical to the visitor’s experience of the site.

In addition, Greenifelds can arrange for third-party hosting of high data traffic (eg dedicated video and audio streaming hosting) that have demanding Service Level Agreement (SLA) requirements, or implement Content Delivery Networks (CDN) for site’s serving content to multiple continents and advise and implement cloud hosting for pay-as-you-go computing power for web and mobile applications.

If your comfortable comparing types and packages and finding what you need, follow the links above to get started, or get in touch if you want us to advise you on, or even manage, securing the best hosting for your business needs.