sales and marketingIf you are planning to start an online business or already are running one, chances are that you do not have access to unlimited funds. However, in this competitive environment, for successful online marketing, you cannot afford to compromise on quality. More often than not, when it comes to online marketing for small businesses, the limited resources result in tradeoffs. So how does one make the most of their online marketing efforts without compromising on quality? Crowdsourcing! Crowdsourcing enables businesses to tap into the intelligence of online communities for completing online marketing and other business related tasks which a company would usually either outsource or perform itself. Here in this article we will look at some of the most effective ways of using crowdsourcing to boost your sales and marketing efforts for a successful online marketing.

Improve Online Marketing: Crowdsourcing Tips

Here are some great crowdsourcing tips to help you boost your online marketing efforts.

  • Building an online brand: The first step towards a successful online marketing campaign begins with getting a marketable domain name which represents your company’s brand. However, finding the right one is quite difficult these days. This is where crowdsourcing can help. You could set up a domain name contest for as little as $10 and receive 40 to 50 suggestions for domain names from experts around the world. Other users will rate the suggestions and the best one will win the prize. You could even crowdsource your logo and site design to professional online communities for delivering quality designs. The added advantage here is that you in most cases are likely to spend only a fraction of the amount you would be paying a design agency. Also, if you need assistance with your advertising requirements, crowdsourcing can help you get great suggestions from anyone with an internet connection in response to your creative requirements.
  • Search engine optimization and other forms of online marketing: It will take you a significant amount of both effort and time to come up with high quality articles about your products or services and manage other work related to search engine optimization and public relations activities. Crowdsourcing enables you to hire professionals online, who will manage activities such as SEO, article writing and press releases.
  • Getting ideas from the community: Want to engage customers for developing new products as part of your online marketing campaign? Crowdsourcing can help you get feedback from the community about previous and new concepts, services and products. You begin by posting an idea which is then expanded through comments and voting. The voting system determines the best idea and any idea can be brought to the top or pushed back by the crowd.
  • Building customer service: Building a support structure is no trivial task. Developing forums, help sections, FAQs and other material for offering comprehensive customer support involves a lot of effort. Crowdsourcing as an online marketing tool can help you build an instant support community for the exchange of ideas, sharing answers and solutions.

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