The SEO industry today is a buzz with a new concept – advanced search engine optimisation. However, only a handful of people truly understand what this exactly means, while the rest of us are still groping in the dark, naming almost anything that might seem to push our website rankings up as advanced SEO. The problem actually is that ‘advanced’ portrays different meanings for different people. That being said, advanced SEO involves complex website development and analytical tasks to help boost a website’s visibility. Here, we will discuss what advanced search engine optimisation is, what techniques it uses and why you need it.Advanced SEO

Why Advanced Search Engine Optimisation

These days everyone is implementing basic SEO techniques to push their website’s rank up. So how does one separate himself from this huge crowd of search engine optimised websites? This is where advanced search engine optimisation comes into play. Advanced SEO is a part of a larger marketing plan. It is not just about search engine optimisation anymore, but about:

  • Unique content creation, which involves writing, blogging and other multimedia options, such as video.
  • Social media, which involves networking and building public relations by reaching out to people where they actually are.
  • Analytics and web development.

advanced-SEO-2So you think that you don’t need all the advanced techniques; having web development and analytic capabilities is more than enough to push rankings up? You couldn’t have been more wrong. Tracking conversion rates and ROI may be effective, but you will not succeed in the long run if you have been using these capabilities for analyzing clients without actually talking to them. While meticulously coded websites may make search engines happy, such coding can’t fully help your site rank high on search engine results if your site does not offer high quality, relevant content. With advanced SEO, often the simplest solutions turn out to be the best, such as connecting and socializing with prospective clients to find out what they exactly need instead of scouring website usage data.

Advanced Search Engine Optimisation Tactics

Here are some of the most effective advanced search engine optimisation tactics, as suggested by experts in SEO services.

  • Syndicating articles that link to your site: Syndicating articles is probably the best way of generating one-way back links. They also act as valuable search engine baits, as spiders frequently crawl over these article directories. This tactic gets the search engine crawlers to search deeper in your website and index more of your web pages. All you need to do is just place a link to your site within the content’s resource box.
  • ROR sitemaps: As you already know, sitemaps are essential to make sure that your website is completely crawled and indexed by search engines. Unfortunately, quite often these site maps are specific to one particular search engine, which renders them useless for the others. ROR sitemaps address this issue and are designed such that they can be read by all search engines and not just the major ones. ROR sitemaps use XML feeds to describe your web content, which enables search engines to better understand your services, products, images, articles or any other type of web content.
  • Translate your site into multiple languages: If you are marketing your products or services in just one language, you might be missing out on about 64.8 percent of your actual marketing potential. Translating your site into other languages opens up a new stream of markets. All you need to do is translate and register your website with both English as well as foreign language search engines.
  • Use GoogSpy: GoogSpy is an amazing research tool, which provides in-depth analysis of how your competitors are running their business. GoogSpy tracks more than 500,000 keywords each day from Google and then feeds this information into GoogSpy’s database. You can browse for information either by the search term or by the company. With this tool, you can stay one step ahead of the competition, as you will have a good idea about who is bidding on which keyword.
  • Use log files for search engine optimisation: Server logs can provide valuable information regarding your site once you learn how to use them properly. Your server log files contain exact information regarding which keywords are being used to find your website. Sometimes, it so happens that you find a keyword that you had not figured out earlier to reach your site. It would be advisable that you optimise your pages for this keyword too.

The major advantage of using advanced search engine optimisation techniques over basic SEO is that basic SEO is just concerned with boosting theadvanced-SEO-3 website’s search engine results page rank, increasing visibility so that the website is found easily and to attract huge traffic. With advanced search engine optimisation, you can ensure that the traffic is relevant, consisting of prospective clients and business multipliers.

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